Cyberspace Is A Dangerous Place – How Do You Keep Your Children Safe?

Keeping Your Kids Safe In Cyberspace? That Sounds Like The Job For A Keylogger!

The world we live in, the world of the future is a remarkable place of joy and delight. Information is shared feely. Data is as accessible as ever. You can even earn a degree over the internet. Alas, the things are in deed to good to be true. Greatness comes with a price all of us must pay.

It is true that the Internet is a remarkably beautiful place where you can learn, play and have fun with others. But there are deeper, darker corners of it. There is a world of reckless prostitution, hardcore pornography and even pedophilia. It’s time for parental control!
Benefits of a Keylogger

You will be able to keep your kids under control 24/7 regardless of the device they are using. Specialized software exists for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. The benefits of the logger are as follows:

  • You will know who he or she communicates with;
  • For how long do they play video games? You’ll have an answer!
  • How much time are they spending online? What sites are they visiting? You’ll know that and more.
  • USB/CD usage. You’ll know the all about the stuff that’s uploaded on your child’s device.
  • Recorder key strokes will visualize what your child is texting and you already know to whom.
  • You’ll even get screenshots.

What else does a loving parent require? Isn’t that a relief to all of the parents with a problem child?

Use that power wisely!

Your best bet would be to simply ignore the lion’s share of stuff you will encounter. It’s OK for children to be curious. Especially if we are talking about particular topics that are a taboo like sex, or even drugs. Googling up effects of Marihuana is OK. Looking for places to buy it online is not. Know the difference and don’t make a big deal out of every misstep.

Have comfort in the fact that you will be there for your child in case a real emergency happens. You’ll only have one shot at this attempt. Don’t blow all that hard work for a fight over a porn site.

A child’s trust is priceless

It’s not an easy task to earn the trust of your children. Giving away that you have been spying on them, despite best intentions, is not a great thing to do.

Only act in cases of immediate danger to your kid, keep a low profile in the rest of the cases because as soon as she or he finds out about what you know – you will only have an unbreakable shell to talk to.

Knowledge at your advantage

On the other hand, you can guide your child in a gentle manner. You know what they say – knowledge is power. Something as simple as a chatter about his or her favorite movie or a question about how the child’s friend Dan is doing can do real magic.

First of all you are initiating a conversation about things that are meaningful to your kid. You show that you care about their choices, their position in life. You show that you are there just in case.

Secondly you already know the answers. You know how Dan is doing and you can build up an engaging, educational conversation about his victories or troubles. You know about whom the favorite book is about, thus you’ll shed new light on the main character. You will be empowered to open new, better worlds for your children. And all that with but an app!

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