Sneaky Ways To Use A Keylogger To Your Advantage As A Good Parent

Nice Ways A Keylogger Can Save Your Kids Without Them Even Noticing It

Disclaimer: a keylogger is a specialized tool that’s usually used to gather information about all data inputs on one’s PC from browsing history to passwords and to messages in cats, emails or social media. That kind of power is huge, and so is the responsibility that comes with it.

Computer keyboard.

Teens, the glorious ever-glumly rebels against the system. What do they even stand up against? The sun rising in the morning above a house that has several decent bedrooms, clean water and breakfast on the table? Or do they fight against social injustice against those oppressed with loving parents?

Eternal questions

These questions are as eternal as life itself. Teenagers simply stand up to everything that catches their eyes. Justin Bieber is mainstream? To hell with that guy, he sold out. To what? For what? Who cares?

The government is collecting taxes to pay salaries to nurses and police officers and firefighters? That needs to stop now. We must live in a free country of anarchy and everlasting depression. Or so a teen believes.

The worst part is that parents instantly become the biggest threat to the existence of humanity by the age your precious son or beloved daughter reaches 13 years old. Yep, you are a bad guy now. After all of those changed diapers, ruined furniture, treated bruises and sleepless night – you are a vicious monster. Neat, right?

A simple keylogger can change everything permanently!

Do note that though the changes in your relationships will be set in stone for quite a while after you choose to use a keylogger, it is only up to you to ensure that these changes are for the best.

A teen’s trust is as fragile as glass. If your child will find out that you were spying around – you won’t have access to any of his secrets permanently. Or until the kid grows up enough to understand your motives. But that’s a long time to wait and nobody wants that.

Note that you have been warned and you are entering the unknown ground on your own risk now. So please be as careful as possible. But first things first –what can you do with a keylogger?

After installing the software on your child’s PC or tablet you will have access to the following:

  • Browsing history. You will know what your kid is looking online.
  • Chat activity. You will know what the teens chatter about in social media. You will know all of the reasons to why his face is stuck to the screen during family dinners.

Note that the software is invisible to the user unless you are raising an incredibly tech savvy hacker. So you will have the full access unless you give yourself away.

The hardest thing is to stay calm. If a kid watches some porn here and there – it’s OK. Ignore it. You have a different task at hand – you are here to create a bond!

Your goal is to use the stuff that your child shares with friends. Learn about his favorite bands or activities or movies or whatever. Start reading the same books your son or daughter enjoyes. Stay on the same page.

This way you will be able to create opportunities for conversations. This way you’ll open up a new window for your love to illuminate the life of your family. Just don’t get involved too much, don’t snoop around too often and you will be ok, you sneaky loving parent.

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