Parenting Calls For Tough Choices – Is A Keylogger One Of Them?

Tough Choices Of Parenting – Is The Keylogger A Step Too Far

Parenting was never harder than it is today. With all of the stuff going on online – how can anyone be safe? The internet is overfilled with pornography, violence, prostitution and gambling. You can even hire a killer online today.


But have an advantage. You are an adult with knowledge and experience of past years. You know the difference between good and evil. You are aware that a silly mistake can ruin lives for entire generations of people. Your kids don’t have that luxury. They are vulnerable.

The ultimate solution!

It’s hard to deal with kids after they reach 13. Both boys and girls alike love to hide away from loving parents in a little world of their own. It’s like something snaps inside your child on his birthday. Communication is reduced to the very minimum. You don’t know what’s going on in your child’s head no matter how hard you try.

Besides, the more effort you put into the relationship, the more distance is emerging between the two of you. You feel like you need to lift a mountain in order to get a simple “thanks, mom” or “love you dad”. But you need to know about what’s going on in that little pretty head you’ve cherished. How?

A keylogger is special software that’s designed to serve your goals. Once installed, it tracks a record of activities a person does with a PC. You will get a full log of visited sites, screen shots, passwords, text inputs in chats and social media and so on and so forth.

In simple words, you will know about everything your child does on his PC. This way you will be empowered to prevent countless trouble from happening. But you will have to be smart, while doing so.

Glass-thin trust of a teenager

If your child is caught on doing something bad – do not confront. The stupidest thing a parent could do in such a situation is admitting he was spying. This approach will shatter the remains of trust you and your kid still have.

Act smart. Use the data you have gathered to your advantage. Start connecting with your kid through seemingly enjoying the stuff he loves. Even if he or she never mentioned it. Here’s an example:

You – Hi Steve, how was your day? I was listening to the radio on my way home and there was this song from The Band Your Teen Enjoys and I loved it!

Teen – Wow, I love those guys too.

This conversation is a remarkable ice breaker. A child will know you are not that different. You’ll have shared ground to stand on. A solid relationship can and should be built from that point on.

But if you’ll be like, “Hey, I know you like that Steve guy, don’t talk to him, he’s no good” – you’ll end up talking to a crab in his shell. The sound of your voice will never break the barrier. It will harden it. Start slow! Baby steps are the way to go, especially now, that you have the power of knowledge.

Is it the tough choice you must take?

Do note that usage of a keylogger is a desperate last resort measure. The wider majority of your family issues can be resolved through traditional ways from a simple chatter and to attendance of specialized family psychology classes.

However, if dirt has really hit the fan and the situation are absolutely out of control – consider you are on a battlefield. All means are great as long as they deliver results. And there isn’t a thing in this world better then delivery of solid results than a keylogger.

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